Over the past few years the Home Cinema and Speaker industry has seen large changes to both product and consumer. The search for the ‘Cinematic Experience’ is now a reality in ones very own home. This is not to say that it wasn’t available before, but nowadays it is a fair statement that inside every household sits at least one ‘Home Theatre’ system, in varying applications and sizes. From a Krix perspective this demand towards ‘Home Theatre’ is fantastic. People in general now want to truly experience great sound, but is this all they’re after? No is the simple answer. 

Everyone is different, and Sound  and Speaker Design is like art, completely subjective. Each person has varying levels of technical knowledge, aesthetic wants, performance needs, and price ranges. Using this criteria as a base we have identified the following groups... 

Design, Cinema and Purist.

In this blog we highlight three basic groups that make up these different wants and needs and then in the next three weeks will expand on each group and work through a bit of a ‘How to?’ for each section. 

Which group do you fit in? 

Design - To be heard, not seen. 

The first group, which in our opinion is the newest, is the person who wants a quality speaker but Design and Aesthetic is their main motivator. 

You want ‘design’ and a ‘built in or concealed’ solution. Multi-Room Audio, Home Cinema, Concealed Speakers, Outdoor Speakers, whether you are building a new house or looking to add to another, these are the questions on the tip of the tongue. However, just because you are looking for built in or design does not mean you have to sacrifice quality, because as soon as you do this the cinematic experience and performance will be gone.

Next week we will do an entire blog about this section, and walk through the steps you as the user should be taking. What questions should you be asking? What research should you be doing? Is it Indoor Speakers or Outdoor Speakers? Or both? 

If you fit into this category have a look at these Krix related products... Concealed,OutdoorOn-Wall and Epix.

Cinema - The new ‘Pool room’

Once upon a time the only way to truly experience cinema sound was to hop in a car, drive to the closest theatre that was playing your desired film, park the car, line up and pay for a ticket, line up and pay for a coke and popcorn and then finally sit down and watch the film and gain that experience. Well right now for a lot of people it is as easy as slotting a DVD or Blu-Ray into your player and kicking back on your very own couch. 

You want a Surround Sound Experience, Home Theatre, with quality and performance that will literally shake the ground, if asked. Blu-Ray, DVD, and Music, the ultimate ‘bragging room’. Also, the perfect room to sit down for a quiet night in, have a nice meal, pour a glass of wine and settle in to your favorite film, whilst still experiencing cinema sound. 

The ‘Impress with Krix’ Competition that was held during the year showed very clearly that there is a lot of you out there, and rocking systems that are packing a serious punch in terms of sound. Just have a look at the gallery to see for yourself.

We want to talk more about Cinema and Sound. We also realise that for people fairly new to this sort of stuff it can be quite overwhelming. You might be asking questions like, when building a home cinema what setup should I go for a 5.1 or 7.1? What amp should I pair my speakers with? I want to use my system for music too, what is the best way to incorporate or wire this? 

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Purist - Renaissance of Vinyl and the Collector

You know who you are. 

Quality and Performance are paramount. You picked Vinyl over CD, CD over MP3 and have an unrelenting focus on the highest of quality music reproduction. When listening to music you favour the 2.1 Stereo Setup compared to that of the 5.1. 

Now rather than a straight up ‘How to?’ this will no doubt become more of a discussion, however from this section the most knowledge can be passed to others. We will use this as a platform to lend handy tips to those out there who are looking to improve their knowledge and in doing so will no doubt improve their sound systems. 

‘Impress with Krix’ also showed us the knowledge and enthusiasm you all have on the subject, we love it and want to hear more. There are people out there myself included who are now reverting back to quality and collection. People are buying Vinyl again, and if importing music making sure they do it as a Lossless file to ensure quality (a subject that we will blog in the future). But they need help, a guide. So lets get the discussion going. We will do a full blog on this section in the weeks to come and hope to keep it going as a Bi-Monthly thread. 

If you fit into this category have a look at these products...Floorstanding,ExtremeSub-Woofer.

Here is an interesting take on vinyl:http://blogs.laweekly.com/westcoastsound/2011/02/henry_rollins_column.php 

If you fit into any of these sections and have a question to ask send us an email atlisten@krix.com