Digital vs. Physical media, or the best of both. 

We recently started a conversation about how we buy, store and keep our media, so I thought I would share what I do and more importantly why. Of course any system is a compromise to a degree, but I think this is the best of both worlds…

Logically I will stick to digital and leave the vinyl alone. If you wish to store vinyl cheaply and haven’t heard of the Ikea Expedit then you really need to have a look.

 Equinox Bookshelf Speaker

Anyhoo, on to the digital:

99% of my music is still purchased on CD and transferred to the Mac in Apple Lossless. Once transferred I then throw away the jewel covers and archive the discs and liners in a neat little aluminium storage box with handles. Of course I could buy these albums direct from iTunes but here is why I do what I do:

• CD quality is noticeably better
• The cost is the same or less sometimes
• I am supporting our local music store (Blackwood Sound)
I have the originals in case my Mac has a meltdown
• I still like to look through the liner notes sometimes
• The CD cases take up very little space (actually, it takes up one shelf on the Expidit rack so I cant buy more vinyl)

Vinyl Collection Ikea Expedit 

That’s about it. I am interested to hear if anyone else has a similar or better system! So feel free to add a comment below and lets get the discussion started.