I don’t want to blow our own trumpet here, but I feel like Krix offers some pretty spectacular customer service. We have fixed subwoofers that are 7 years old under warranty just because we knew (and admitted to) a capacitor fault that became apparent well after release. How many companies would do that? That’s just one example of what I believe is superior customer service and its my experience that this often come from being local and connected to the community you service (as well as a solid sense of integrity).

On the other hand, when I email a company overseas I am never shocked when I don’t receive a reply, or the reply is short or even sometimes terse. If the questions get too hard the correspondence seems to end abruptly without any explanation. This is probably one of the greatest disadvantages of buying OS over the ‘net. Anyway, despite the tone of the post so far I am not here to complain, rather I would like to bring your attention to a company with extraordinary service and what I think is an equally extraordinary product – especially for the price.

You see, some time ago I read a great article about a HRT Music Streamer USB DAC. I needed something portable and efficient and I only required a USB input from my laptop so I decided to take the plunge and buy one. Given the attractive introductory price I couldn’t lose. I checked on the ‘net and discovered Wicked Digital was the local agent and I promptly purchased it (with free delivery – thanks WD).

I used the DAC almost daily (running my Ecliptix and Equinox, but most recently my modest set of desktop speakers…photo attached) and loved the performance – it was one of the best audio bargains in my arsenal. Sadly, some time out of warranty I had a chip burn out on the circuit board. Its all surface mount so I wasn’t prepared to tackle it and R&D are overrun with work so I didn’t bother them. I thought about emailing someone about it but decided it wasn’t worth the trouble based on my pervious experiences. One morning I decided that it couldn’t hurt to try before it ended up in the bin, so I emailed HRT in the US about repairing the item. It was about 8:30 am CST. To my amazement, within twenty minutes I received a reply from Kevin Halverson, CTO from High Resolution Technologies in the US, asking me about which model I had and explaining that repairing the original model was not economical. That could have been where his responsibility ended of course, and to honest I was so impressed with the quick response that I would have been happy with that, but no, Mr Halverson also offered for me to return my failed DAC – out of warranty – and he would upgrade it to the Music Streamer II for a mere $75 + return freight. Bearing in mind this was not to gain a sale I find this exceptional service and unheard of with a product in this price range (or well above for that matter).

Apex Floorstanding Speakers Office

If you are in the market for a high quality DAC there is something for most budgets at HRT, and I can highlyrecommend the product itself, but the customer service is something else again! Buy with confidence.



Cheers, Grant