Want to hear a fully fledged Krix Series-X Home Theatre Surround Sound System


Krix Dealer West Coast Hi-Fi (Midlands) have just installed a Krix Series-X listening room.


 Hear what they have to say... 

'We are so excited about this system and are yet to have a single negative comment about the sound. The only downside is a lot of customers are leaving the room wishing they didn't buy standard home theatre speakers.' - Scott (West Coast Hi-Fi Midlands)

Cinema set up 


JVC X55 projector 

140 inch anamorphic micro-perforated screen 

Denon AVR 4520 receiver 

Denon DBP1713UD blu ray player 

4 x Vincent SP998 power amps running 

3 x Pix  

1 x Cyclonix

Series X West Coast HiFi

Series X West Coast HiFi 1

Series X West Coast HiFi 2

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