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Graphix Mk2

experience dynamic vocals
  • superior reproduction ensures clear and natural dialogue
  • experience full dynamic range in your home theatre
  • extended bass response for a more involving experienc
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Home Cinema

The Graphix centre channel will deliver precise timbral matching to the Acoustix main speakers. The same tweeter used in the Acoustix, Atomix, Tryptix, Rhythmix and Neuphonix means the Graphix can be used with a wide range of Krix products. Small and compact, the Graphix is the perfect choice for use in TV cabinets and custom joinery and the dual front ports eliminate 'boomy' bass qualities found when using rear ported speakers in this type of application. The Graphix delivers an acoustically intricate experience every time.

26mm ring tweeter

26mm ring tweeter

Ring radiator with central waveguide for improved intelligibility and transparency.
dual 130mm bass drivers

dual 130mm bass drivers

High sensitivitly large voice coil drivers provide articulate and tight bass.
dual front vents

dual front vents

Releases bass energy forward to allow unit to be used in TV cabinets and furniture.
compact size and width

compact size and width

Width of standard AV equipment allows speaker to fit inside cabinets and furniture.


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Frequency Range
45Hz - 40kHz in room response
Power Handling
20 - 160 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power
89dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
Double woofer 5" two way
Bass Driver(s)
Fibre reinforced moulded polymer baskets with 2 x nominal 130mm (5") doped paper cones. 25mm (1") voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with vented magnet assembly.
26mm (1") dual concentric diaphragm with wave guide centre plug for controlled directivity. Neodymium magnet.
Nominally 6 Ohms (minimum 4.3 Ohms)
Enclosure Type
Bass reflex, front vented with internal / external flaring
180mm high x 450mm wide x 300mm deep (including grille)
10 kg each


Sound+Image Winner 2011

Industry Reviews

Acoustix, Graphix, Seismix 3 mk5 Complete Review - Australian Hi-Fi Best Buys - Australia
04 Jan 2010

You could probably count on one hand the loudspeaker companies throughout the world that can make claim to offering a comprehensive range across the consumer, professional and commercial markets.

Krix of South Australia is most certainly one of them. It makes speakers that grace scores of cinemas throughout the world, are utilitarian tools for engineers in many recording studios, and of course, are the pride of a myriad of homes in music and home theatre systems.


This 5.1 channel system consists of four of the newly released Acoustix speakers, a very similarly designed Graphix as centre, and the new Seismix 3 mk5 subwoofer handling all the low stuff.

The 45cm high Acoustix speakers are a rather nicely proportioned two-way speaker with twin 130mm paper coned mid/woofers and a revised 28mm cloth tweeter in a D’Appolito configuration, very closely spaced so as to mimic a point source. The speakers have a nominal 4 ohm impedance, are 89dB sensitive and quote a frequency response of 50Hz to 20kHz in-room (no dB points quoted), they weigh 10kg and vent via twin Krix-designed elliptical ports on the front. The Graphix centre channel speaker is just about identical to the Acoustix except for the positioning of the speaker terminals.

The new Seismix 3 mk5 weighs a solid 18kg and features a new low-distortion and long throw 275mm doped paper cone driver with a 50mm Kapton coil and huge vented magnet system. A 220 watt amplifier helps it dip down to a low 22Hz in room at -6dB. It measures 415mm high by 360mm wide by 390mm deep.

All are available in vinyl and in a number of matching timber veneer finishes for a small price premium. Our review samples come in a first-rate sumptuous red-tinged Jarrah wood.


As promised by the design elements applied to all five speakers, the sound field presented by the Acoustix and Graphix team was absolutely seamless, enveloping us in an enormous bubble of sound that was a sonic mirage of the action taking place on the screen. Objects, people and even music panned around the room showing zero transition effects.

The Krix’s tonal balance was dead neutral and combined with the very detailed tweeter makes for dialogue that is totally intelligible. Our in-house centre channel speaker is from a respected audio specialist and is quite small; we use such a small centre due to practical placement reasons. When we swapped to the Graphix it became immediately obvious that the Krix was far superior in reproducing delicate low-level detail, clear and natural dialogue and dynamic impact that was previously obscured and buried in the mix with our centre (time for an upgrade).

The ‘Watchmen’ soundtrack is an extravaganza of music, effects and dialogue. We can only say that the Krix system was, well, at once crystalline and brutal (watch the first scene for a literal example); the former by way of sheer resolving power of the Acoustix and Graphix’s tweeters and midrange, and the latter via the seemingly indestructible Seismix subwoofer.

The music and dialogue-heavy ‘Blindness’ and ‘Appaloosa’ were the perfect media for testing further resolution capabilities of the Krix combo. The absolute clarity and accurate timbral qualities on offer here resulted in a movie experience that connects the viewer to the various characters, perhaps due to a heightened subconscious ‘suspension of disbelief’. This usually occurs when a speaker system is very accurate. The downside to such accuracy is that badly-produced soundtracks can sound a tad bright – they’re usually tipped-up in the treble – although in the case of this package, never harsh.

Explosions and crashes are a breeze for the Seismix. We were not only physically massaged by the power of ‘Star Trek’ deep space explosions but we were just as impressed with the depth at which the effects punched through. And the sensation of bass wallop is enhanced by the sub’s tremendous control and grip of all low-end output; this is the kind of subwoofer that doesn’t trade bass tightness for depth, as is sometimes the case.


Krix has managed to assemble a superb all-matching system. The identical Acoustix and Graphix speakers provide a seamless picture and they excel at reproducing detail, dynamic contrast and resolution of complex and dense movie or music mixes. Excelling equally is the Seismix 3 mk5 subwoofer, capable of extraordinary bass power, tightness and depth. This is a package from Krix that is truly terrifix.

- Australian Hi-Fi Best Buys - Australia , Edgar Kramer

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Customer Reviews

What an improvement :)



Overall rating:
Ive only just been able to afford anothr Krix for my system. Currently 2 1994 Apex fronts with ab jbl centre.
Swapped it out today for a Graphix centre. Ran the caliration on my Sony strda3300es amp.
What a difference, full tonal range, range matched to my other fronts. Ive been missing something in my syssem for yrars until taday.

So happy