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big bold cult classic
  • krix flagship floorstander
  • power and impact with finesse to match
  • deep effortless bass
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Purist Home Cinema

Neuphonix is involving, high energy, get up and move sound. Be excited by these elegantly refined speakers. The unique six driver arrangement has been designed for unprecedented reactive sound. Four custom designed 130mm bass drivers have speed, clarity and high power handling. With a single 130mm dedicated midrange and 26mm super audio tweeter you have extended frequency response to 40kHz. The bass response is exceptional; just see if you can stay seated.

large 26mm ring tweeter

large 26mm ring tweeter

Ring radiator with central waveguide for improved intelligibility and transparency.
130mm midrange driver

130mm midrange driver

Dedicated midrange driver for pristine clarity and definition.
Quad 130mm bass drivers

Quad 130mm bass drivers

Provide speed, clarity and increased power handling.
25mm mdf baffle

25mm mdf baffle

Optimised scalloping for reduced defraction, thick front for mass and damping.
internally braced enclosure

internally braced enclosure

Reduces standing waves and cabinet resonances. Tight mid bass performance.


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Frequency Range
30Hz - 40kHz in room response
Power Handling
Maximum 200 watts RMS amplifier power
90dB for 2.83 volts at 1 metre
6 driver 3-way bi-wireable / bi-ampable
Bass Driver(s)
4 x nominal 130mm (5”) coated paper cones. 26mm (1”) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former provides good linearity and driver control at large cone excursion.
Mid Range Driver
1 x nominal 130mm (5”) coated paper cone. 26mm (1”) voice coil wound on high powered aluminum former, using copper shorting ring and oversized magnet for lower distortion.
26mm (1") dual concentric diaphragm with wave-guide centre plug for controlled directivity. Non-reflective dual chambered magnet structure with copper shorting ring to lower distortion.
Crossover Points
340Hz & 2.5kHz
Nominally 4 ohms
Enclosure Type
Dual chambers – sealed midrange chamber, with bass reflex main chamber, rear vented with internal and external flaring.
1065mm high x 230mm wide x 430mm deep
19mm MDF enclosure, heavily braced, with 25mm MDF front baffle
68 litres internal
31kg each


Sound+Image Winner 2005

Industry Reviews

Neuphonix Complete Review - The Sydney Morning Herald
20 Jun 2005

Audio File - Deep Beat

The Krix Neuphonix is a rare beast on two counts. First, it's a true three-way speaker. An internal crossover network splits the incoming audio signals from the amplifier into three discrete bands - bass, mid-range and treble - before sending them to the drivers on the front panel. Most crossover networks divide the incoming signal into two parts: low and high frequencies. Second, rather than send the bass to just one or two drivers, the Krix sends them to four identical bass units, located vertically on the front baffle.

There are many good reasons for using multiple bass drivers. Above all, it allows the cabinet to be narrow, which improves the way the sound spreads through the room. Power handling capability is dramatically enhanced becasue the amplifier's power is spread across four voice coils rather than just one or two. Efficiency also benefits because the speaker is able to turn more of the electrical energy from the amplifier into acoustic energy. Last but not least, the bass drivers run very cool. This is significant because drivers become very hot while they're operating and, if this heat isn't dissipated, their loudness for a given input voltage will drop. This thermally induced dynamic compression is common with designs that use a single driver to reproduce both bass and mid-range frequencies.

At the topof the Neuphonix is a single mid-range driver. It looks identical to the bass drivers but has a much shorter voice coil and a copper shorting ring. These ensure a flatter, more linear response at mid-range frequencies. The 26mm diameter tweeter below is designed for use with DVD-A and SACD discs. Its frequency response extends an octave higher than that of most dome tweeters, and well above the limit of human hearing. Research by Tsutomu Oohashi reported in The Journal of Neurophysiology (Vol. 83, No.6) has shown that the sound of speakers that provide energy up to 50kHz have greater clarity and definition even when playing music that's bandlimited to 20kHz, such as music played from a CD.

If there's a problem with mounting six drivers in a row on the front baffle, it's that it makes the cabinets quite tall. The Krix Neuphonix stand 1065mm high.

In The Guide's listening room, the bass revealed itself to to be hard-hitting and accurate, without any of the boomy resonances we often hear in designs that use larger bass drivers. The result is bass that's not only extended, but also lifelike. Playing the CD of Walter Thompson's improvised symphony, Pexo, it seemed as though Jim Whitney's double-bass was in the room with us. When Michael Attias's baritone sax bursts in, the musical energy is almost palpable. Mid-range sound is also uncannily accurate. The attacking drum sound on Ted Vining's album For Elvin didn't even begin to test the dynamic capabilities of this Neuphonix pair and Barry Buckley's double-bass didn't plumb the depths of their bass response.

We were taken aback by how the Neuphonix speakers delivered sound so effortlessly across the complete audio spectrum, irrespective of volume level or musical pitch.

- The Sydney Morning Herald - Australia , Greg Borrowman

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Customer Reviews

Amazing Sound & Quality



Overall rating:
Ive had mine now for about 3 years and they are still as amazing as they were from day one. Crisp clear sound from these brilliant speakers. They go amazing with the rest of my Krix Products.



Overall rating:
Having been listening to Paradgim , I was blown away by the performance of these speakers not only for my dvd collection but the clarity and depth of the Music I also play well worth the money
What a great speaker.



Overall rating:
What a great speaker. I'm running them as two channel only and love them. Well done Krix, a five star job.



Overall rating:
We had a trial listen to these speakers at our retailer and we were very excited. They lent them to us overnight in our home and we loved them and ordered all 3 speakers today and can't wait until they arrive.

These speakers are the best things I have heard for that kind of money anywhere, they kick arse in both stereo mode and DVD music mode.