• Compact size
  • High power handling
  • Heavily braced

Cinema Black

Available finish


Recommended maximum width – 14m
(Array of 6 per side)


The KX-1470 cinema surround loudspeaker offers high power handling in a compact package. The cabinet is braced and critically damped featuring a 15 degree angled front baffle to ensure optimum coverage within the auditorium while reducing reflections off the ceiling.


The single 8 inch bass driver has a 1½ inch vented magnet voice coil wound on an aluminium former, featuring a copper shorting ring for low harmonic distortion delivering superior surround sound resolution.


The paper cone and surround edge termination of the bass driver has been developed to provide the smoothest possible response. The combined high frequency response is exceptionally well controlled, setting a new benchmark for surround loudspeaker reproduction.