• Dual concentric design
  • Neodymium high frequency compression driver
  • Heavily braced

Cinema Black

Available finish


Recommended maximum width – 43m
(Array of 6 per side)


The KX-1570F cinema surround loudspeaker is a low profile flat version of the the KX-1570, specifically designed for flush mounting on ceilings to meet Dolby® Atmos™ surround sound requirements.


It features a dual concentric driver configuration to eliminate phasing problems in the crossover region associated with conventional driver layouts.


The high frequency driver utilises a titanium dome with 1¾ inch voice coil and has a 90 degree symmetrical dispersion pattern. The bass driver is a 12 inch paper cone with smooth response and extended bass output, it features a 2½ inch voice coil power for high power handling capabilities.