Tektonix Black Woodgrain


  • Exclusive Krix digital sub amplifier (KDSA)
  • Front digital control panel
  • Exceptional clarity with improved power handling

Featuring the Krix sub amplifier with ICEpower technology, the Tektonix delivers even greater levels of power and efficiency for distortion free bass.

Black Woodgrain  Atlantic Jarrah Blackwood

Available finishes

“… a new level of realism to home cinema”

– Australian HiFi Magazine

“… a new level of realism to home cinema”

– Australian HiFi Magazine


Feel the rumble as the quake strikes or the orchestra hits its crescendo. Expertly fitted into Krix’s popular Seismix 3 cabinet, the Tektonix is a reasonably compact subwoofer that is not only musical – for bass reinforcement in your 2 channel listening – it also delivers the deep bass movie experience that creates a truly real, “right there” feeling. What’s more, the front mounted digital control panel simplifies set-up and adjustment control.


The Krix designed amplifier with ICEpower® class D technology delivers power and efficiency, while the unique 275mm long throw bass driver developed specifically by Krix, provides the earth moving bass. Easy to access controls sit behind the grille to avoid any jostling when adjusting settings, while an easy scrolling menu makes it as simple as pushing a button. The back-lit LCD display also fades within 45 seconds, to ensure nothing gets in the way of your movie viewing experience.


Power and efficiency, with controls at your fingertips, all wrapped up in a compact package that sounds and looks great, in either classic black woodgrain or Krix’s five genuine timber veneer finishes.


For the ultimate sound experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency Range
20Hz-200Hz in room response

Amplifier Power
450 Watts RMS, 900 Watts maximum instantaneous power

123dB maximum SPL in room response


Stereo line level RCA. High level inputs

Enclosure Type
Bass reflex, front vented

450mm high x 360mm wide x 410mm deep

Low Frequency Driver
Nominal 275mm (11”) diameter doped paper cone driver, 50mm (2″) voice coil wound on high powered Kapton former, with vented magnet assembly

Power On/Off
Adjustable Auto/Always On. Adjustable ‘Auto Sensitivity’ setting and 12V trigger setting

Phase Select
0º to 180º (relative to input signal)

Low Pass Filter

50Hz-195Hz or bypass


18kg each

“… it delivered tight, solid bass at all times, and it was bass that stayed tuneful at all volume levels, from ‘barely audible’ to ‘deafen the neighbors'”

– Greg Borrowman [Australian HiFi Magazine]

Australian HiFi Magazine


I was able to audition the Krix Tektonix for several months, including over the Christmas break, where I was able to listen to it for long periods every day, testing not only its tunefulness, but its ability to work flat out in an unconditioned house during a hot Australian summer. I can tell you, then, that it delivered tight, solid bass at all times, and it was bass that stayed tuneful at all volume levels.

Sound+Image Awards 2012 – Best Subwoofer under $2000


What happens when you take a Seismix 3, add a more power amplifier and a new digital interface? An earth-shattering experience! The judges at Sound+Image enjoyed both the musical finesse and power this subwoofer provided, along with a friendly front-mounted interface for adjustments on the fly. An excellent subwoofer in every respect.