• Optimal audio reproduction
  • Up to 24 output channels
  • Acoustic optimiser

Introduced in 2013, Ovation has changed the way technicians calibrate cinema sound over the sound paradigm of Time / Phase / Frequency. The Ovation2 retains all the significant benefits of its predecessor while introducing futuristic enhancements to push the boundaries of cinema sound once again.


Trinnov Audio, a proven innovator of advanced 3D sound technologies, present in film mixing stages and dubbing theatres, broadcast control rooms and mastering studios, introduces their most advanced digital cinema audio processor: the Trinnov Ovation2.


The Trinnov Ovation2 cinema processor delivers up to 24 output channels, seamlessly working with every DCI format. It provides a whole loudspeaker management system capable of intelligent digital crossover alignment as well as Trinnov Optimizer proprietary automatic room equalisation algorithms.


By fitting the Optimizer technology into the Ovation2 processor, Trinnov compensates for the acoustic problems of the room architecture and immerses the audience into the heart of the audio experience intended by the director.


The Trinnov Optimizer technology provides unique measurement, calibration and operation tools not found in any other DCI cinema processor. Once you’ve experienced it, Ovation will become the essential calibration tool and screening system for your movie theatres.


The Trinnov Optimizer technology seeks to serve the film and instantly computes the most appropriate filtering to achieve a predefined (X-Curve) or custom target curve allowing manual complementary fine-tuning.


Digital Inputs
Sampling rates: 44.1, 48, 96kHz
8 channels AES DCI, expandable to 16 channels AES DCI via DB-25 connector (Dig IN 1)
8 channels AES DCI, expandable to 16 channels AES DCI via RJ45 connector (Dig IN 2)
2 x SPDIF via BNC connector (Dig IN 3, Dig IN 4)
2 x SPDIF via RCA connector (Dig IN 5, Dig IN 6)

Analogue Inputs
8 balanced inputs (ANALOG IN 1) via DB-25 (impedance >10 kO, +24 dBu max)
8 balanced inputs (Calibration MICs) via 2 x RJ45
2 balanced inputs (LINE L-R) via XLR for mixer set (impedance >10 kO, +18 dBu max)
2 unbalanced inputs (Ana IN2) via RCA connector (impedance >10 kO, +12 dBu max)
2 Balanced microphones input XLR connectors (MIC 1-2) with phantom power

Analogue Ouputs
8 channels amplifiers/loudspeakers outputs (Analog OUT1, 1-8) via DB-25 connector (impedance<100 O, +24 dBu max)
Optional 2 more 8 channels ouputs available for bi-amp and tri-amp (Analog OUT2, 9-16, Analog OUT3, 17-24) via DB-25 connector (impedance <100Ω, +24 dBu max)
Hearing-impaired: 1 unbalanced output via RCA connector (H/I)
Visual Narration: 1 unbalanced output via RCA connector (VI)
Auxiliary: 2 unbalanced output via RCA connector (Aux1, Aux2)

High Performance
All audio boards designed and manufactured by Trinnov
A/D signal-to-noise ratio
119 dBA, THD+N: -103 dB
D/A signal-to-noise ratio
118 dBA, THD+N: -98 dB
Independent power supplies for audio and processing sections
Advanced jitter-rejection technologies
64-bit floating point processing

Intel i3

Data Precision
64 bits, floating point


Flash Drive

Cooling System
Custom heat sinks + additional silent fans

438mm x 430mm x 138.4mm