• 15 degree angled baffle
  • High sensitivity, very low distortion
  • Easy wall mounting

Feel the impact and surround effects or be encompassed by the movie soundtrack. The Ultraphonix can do it all.

Cinema Black

Available finish

“… massive impact from missiles and gunshots…”

– Australian Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine

“… massive impact from missiles and gunshots…”

– Australian Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine


For powerful home cinema sound that is sensitive enough to produce a whisper but controlled enough to reduce distortion on loud on-screen effects, the Ultraphonix is the perfect partner to your home cinema system.


A dedicated home cinema on wall side and rear surround speaker, the Ultraphonix offers high power handling and high sensitivity with low distortion, as well as bass extension down to 40Hz. Replicating the wedge-shaped design used in Krix’s commercial cinema surround speakers with a 15-degree baffle, the Ultraphonix can be mounted high and away from the listener to maintain excellent pattern control and audio coverage to all listening positions.


The massive 205mm bass driver featuring a 38mm voice coil has been developed to provide the smoothest possible response with a dynamic and non-fatiguing vocal mid-band.  The high frequency drive unit is a specially-damped, high power, 26mm doped fabric dome tweeter that combines with the bass driver via a crossover network that has been designed and built using close-tolerance, professional-grade components, for an exceptionally smooth and well controlled sound.


Complete with an enclosure that is braced, critically-damped, and finished with a neat black cloth grille, this on wall speaker has it all.


For the ultimate cinema experience at home, play it through Krix.


Frequency Range
40Hz-20kHz in room response

Power Handling
50-200 Watts RMS recommended amplifier power

90B for 2.83 volts at 1 metre

8 Ohms


Enclosure Type
Bass reflex, top vented

460mm high x 338mm wide x 263mm deep at the top (146mm deep at the bottom)

Low Frequency Driver
Single 205mm (8”) paper cone driver. 38mm (1½”) voice coil wound on high powered aluminium former, with ventilated magnet assembly and copper shorting ring for low distortion

High Frequency Driver
26mm (1”) doped fabric dome with large roll surround. Ferro fluid cooled

Crossover Point

Input Terminals
Gold plated binding posts

10kg each

Best Buys Audio & AV Magazine


For a real ‘cinema sound’ at home, it makes sense to use similar technology to the real thing, to get the experience as close as possible. But why compromise on ‘close’? The Krix Series SX range is the real thing, scaled down to fit within the constraints of the home. It proved monumental in its ability to deliver soundtracks at full throttle, yet delicate and sophisticated enough to play music at the heights of realism. Simply superb.

Sound+ Image Awards 2016 – Custom Installation Product of the Year


Series SX are a home cinema fan’s dream. Built for multiple installation applications, these highly sensitive speakers can fill your dedicated room with spine-tingling, gut-wrenching cinema sound. Sound+Image Magazine agreed, and awarded the range the Custom Installation Product of the Year.