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Krix at ise 2024

Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) has again been a truly amazing event!

In 2024, alongside our wonderful partners and leading audio and visual technology innovators, Trinnov, Barco Residential and Officina Acustica, we presented an immersive 13.1.6 speaker layout. The demonstration room featured an impressive array of 14 subwoofers, powered by Trinnov’s new Waveforming technology.

The speakers and subs within the room exemplified our commitment to pushing the boundaries of audio technology for residential applications, mirroring the reputation we have established in the commercial cinema world.
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Krix speakers
The three screen speakers were the Cinematix. These 3-way, dual 15” speakers feature Krix’s patented horns to provide a uniform and constant directivity pattern, yielding improved frequency response and consistent audience coverage.

There are sixteen surround speakers across the listener and upper-level layers, consisting of Hyperphonix 45’s and Krix’s yet to be released on-wall and on-ceiling speaker, the OWX-55! Placed in top front and front wide positions, these new additions to the Krix range also feature constant directivity horns and are capable of immense output for their size. Stay tuned for an announcement on the release date and further specifications in the coming months.

Krix subwoofers
In 2024, we elevated performance levels while simultaneously lowering bass extension, specifying fourteen subwoofers, each housing two 18” drivers. With eight subwoofers located at the front and six at the rear, these prototype subs produce infrasonic bass at extraordinary levels with incredibly low distortion.

Alongside our live demonstration room with Trinnov, Barco Residential, and Officina Acustica, we had a static display showcasing some of our latest innovations –  the recently launched LX-7 along with the OWX-50 and OWX-55.

The LX-7 is a high-performance, passive loudspeaker available in three different sizes for all but the largest of TV’s and projector screens. Featuring left, centre and right channels, the LX-7 redefines expectations of what a ‘soundbar’ can achieve.
LX-7 Linear Soundbar Product image
The OWX-50 and OWX-55 speakers are both powerful and versatile, suitable for screen, surround and upper-layer speaker applications. Stay tuned for an announcement on the release date and further specifications in the coming months.
OWX-55 product Image
OWX-50 product Image

ise 2024 partners

Trinnov Audio
Trinnov processors are found in the world’s most advanced professional music and film studios for production, mixing, and playback; in thousands of commercial cinema screens; and in the finest residential home theatre and stereo systems.
Trinnov Audio logo
Officina Acustica
Through their dealers, Officina Acustica builds interiors for any space that requires exquisite interior design, and incredible acoustic performance including private cinemas, media rooms, screening rooms and mixing/mastering studios.
Officina Acustica logo
Barco Residential
From its early origins building high end radios and later televisions, Barco became the world’s technology leader in ultra-high end professional visualisation applications such as digital cinema, where today over 60% of the world’s cinema screens are equipped with Barco`s projectors.
Barco Residential Logo