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Krix first to implement new Trinnov tech

After the excitement of demonstrating Trinnov’s unique bass technology at ISE earlier in the year, we wanted to implement the new ‘algorithm’ into one of the development rooms at the Krix factory, just in time for our dealer training this week.

Our team got to work crafting, designing and testing an array of subwoofers and speakers to be installed in the 5.8m x 4.4m x 3.2m demo cinema room. The room showcases a 5.8.4 channel configuration in a six seat, two row theatre with 130” screen. The system is driven by the Trinnov Altitude16 (with +4 upgrade), Amplitude 16, and an array of subwoofer amplifiers.

While the room will be in a constant cycle of testing and advancements, we’re pleased to say that it’s the first in the world (outside of Trinnov HQ and ISE) to have a working demonstration – and the results are very impressive… and addictive!

Several Krix dealers who are in Adelaide, Australia, this week for training have been lucky enough to experience the impact of the room first-hand.

“Amazing. This will redefine how we think about designing home cinema rooms” said John from Blackwood Sound in South Australia.

Some dealers needed a few minutes to process what they had heard – “I haven’t heard bass this tight and snappy before, so it requires some adjusting – but once I got used to it…. Wow”.

Demonstrations will continue in the coming weeks, and our R&D team will continue developing the room and products within. Stay tuned!

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