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Krix introduces the LX-7 linear LCR soundbar

It’s not a soundbar... it’s a sound experience.

The new LX-7 is the first of its kind from Krix – a high-performance, passive loudspeaker available in three different sizes for all but the largest of TV’s and projector screens. Featuring left, centre and right channels, the LX-7 redefines expectations of what a ‘soundbar’ can achieve.

Historically, movie enthusiasts have had to make a choice between a sleek soundbar-shaped speaker that fits nicely under a screen, or a powerful and dynamic movie performance. That compromise no longer needs to be made!

Designed and manufactured in Australia, the LX-7 has been engineered for lounge rooms, media rooms, games rooms and dedicated home theatres. High power handling and sensitivity ensure movie soundtracks, games and music are delivered with incredible power and dynamic range.

Krix engineers have been hard at work, scaling technology from Krix’s dedicated home cinema range into the shallow (142mm deep), heavily braced enclosure. Three 90 x 90 Krix short-throw waveguides significantly improve dispersion characteristics and ensure clear separation of dialogue, effects and music, putting you at the centre of your favourite movies, concerts or TV series. The 165mm (6.5”) bass driver incorporates a huge 50mm (2”) voice coil, reinforcing the fact that this isn’t your ‘usual’ soundbar.

Combining the LX-7 with surround speakers, subwoofer and an AV receiver will create a genuine, immersive cinema soundscape without need for virtual or ‘bouncing’ effects. The LX-7 is tonally matched to all Krix surround and overhead speakers.

Krix Sales Manager Don McKenzie says, ‘Our dealers have been asking us to bring a high-performance soundbar to the market for a while. As Krix often does, our in-house research and development team have gone above and beyond when engineering the LX-7, which is more than just a soundbar; it’s a sound experience.’

The sleek and modern design of the LX-7, finished in Krix Cinema Black, requires minimal space either above or below your screen and includes a removable black cloth grille. Wall mount brackets are included and offer easy installation and tilt adjustability up to 15-degrees – so you can aim the sound towards your ears for better on-axis performance. A front-facing input terminal (that accepts up to 10 AWG cable) makes installation a breeze.

The LX-7 is available for order now via your local Krix dealer. A list of authorised Krix dealers can be found via

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