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What is a centre channel

It’s that time of the week when you sit on the couch with snacks and a drink and start that new blockbuster movie.

The movie begins, it’s intense, there is so much to take in, you’re leaning forward listening intently…. and your partner taps you on the arm and asks, ‘what did they just say’?!

This is where a centre channel will change your viewing life!

A centre channel, the centrepiece of your sound setup, typically delivers over half of your movie’s soundtrack and the majority of its dialogue, so you want it to be clear, consistent, natural and balanced. As the name suggests, the centre channel sits either above or below your screen and is central to your front left and right speakers.  

In a home theatre setting, the centre channel is an integral part of your setup, enhancing a movie soundtrack as intended by the director. Working harmoniously with the rumble from your subwoofer and front left and right speakers, which reproduce sound effects and music, the centre speaker is positioned centrally to mimic dialogue coming from your screen. The centre channel ensures even distribution so that every seat in your room is good and no whisper goes unheard.

Krix centre channel speakers have it all – with tweeters designed for enhanced clarity. A bass reflex design with front-facing ports delivers sound you can almost touch and dynamics that will move you.

Solidly built with substantial internal bracing, Krix centre channel speakers are also sonically matched to the Krix floorstanding and bookshelf ranges, giving you the freedom and flexibility to mix and match for the ultimate speaker set up.

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